Skin Care

The skin is the largest organ of the body and our health and wellbeing is reflected in its condition. Keeping your skin in tip-top condition is just as important as maintaining your mental and spiritual health. Using gentle skincare products that are nearest to the skins natural PH, 4.5-5.5, will help to keep its healthy condition and maintain the balance of good bacteria on its surface. Good bacteria help to protect from invading germs and potential infections that cause inflammation and irritation. There are many factors to consider when helping to keep your skin looking and feeling good, and having a regular skincare routine is one of them.

Making time for a facial every four to eight weeks will not only boost the condition of your skin and give your facial muscles a workout; it will make you feel relaxed and rested. The skin renews every month and renewal slows down as we mature and therefore more reason to get into a good routine and have regular facials.

Environmental factors – In the summertime when temperatures are higher the skin needs plenty of water to prevent it from becoming parched, looking dry and feeling tight. It is particularly important to apply sun screen for UV protection to prevent against skin damage and premature aging. A lighter moisturiser is sufficient as your skin produces more of its own natural oil.

During winter months harsh cold weather and heating systems can dry out your skin, so it is essential to continue to drink water. During this time of year your skin will require a richer moisturiser to protect it from drying out.

Diet and exercise – Eating a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables will aid cell repair and renewal. Drinking regular small amounts of water throughout the day will help your skin to maintain its hydration levels.

Keeping fit and active will not only help you to boost your overall body strength and fitness it will help to improve the condition of your skin. Exercise increases blood flow and oxygen and nutrients to cells, making your skin look radiant. Any excess fluids are removed from the lymph through muscle contraction to reduce puffiness and skin perspires to get rid of impurities.

­Health and age – The imbalance of hormones in the body can cause changes in the skin, particularly during puberty, menstruation and the menopause. Eating a balanced diet, doing physical exercise and maintaining a skin care routine will help to improve any skin conditions. Often when our health is compromised and we feel unwell our skin is affected.

As we mature through our lives our skin loses it elasticity and resilience. Though we can’t reverse time, what we can do is look after ourselves. In her book, ‘Reverse the Signs of Aging’ Nigma Talib talks about ways to help reduce premature aging of the skin.

Getting enough restful sleep is vital for your whole body and mind to restore itself. Reducing excess stress in your life and having a positive mental outlook can also promote a healthy looking skin. Constant stress and anxiety can prematurely age the skin. Taking some time out for you to rest is very important.

Skin Care Treatments - Jane Eaton
60 Mins 75 Mins 90 Mins
£65 – Deep facial cleanse, hot mitts, and personalised face and neck massage with aromatic essential oils.
£75 – Deluxe personalised skincare; includes deep cleanse, exfoliation, mask, hot mitts, face and neck massage, and soothing foot massage with aromatic essential oils. £85 – Deluxe personalised skincare; includes deep cleanse, exfoliation, mask, hot mitts, face and neck massage, relaxing foot massage with aromatic essential oils. + Himalayan salt back polish and creamy shea butter nourish.

­For The Face - Bespoke Holistic Facial Treatment

Natural skin care products are applied to deep cleanse, refresh and improve your skins condition. Fragrant flower waters are spritzed onto the skin between applications of product. A facial polish is used to smooth the skin’s surface to enhance a youthful glow and allow moisturising products to absorb.

I will create a personalised blend of aromatic essential oils for your skin type and condition and apply them to your skin through massage. Gentle and firm massage techniques increase circulation and deepen relaxation, gently lifting and awakening muscles to neck, shoulders and face.

An application of mask deeply refines and nourishes skin, during this time feet or hands are massaged. Your treatment is completed with a hydrating moisturiser to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, and lips are treated to their own unique conditioning product.

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Body Skin Care Treatments - Jane Eaton
60 Mins 75 Mins
£65 – full body exfoliation with Himalayan salts and shea butter nourish. £75 – full body and face exfoliation with Himalayan salts, quartz crystal and creamy shea butter nourish.

For The Body - Skin Exfoliation

This treatment is super for removing dry flaky skin and exhilarating stagnant circulation. It can be combined with any of the massage options. Exfoliation helps the skin to look glowing and benefits the absorption of body lotions and creams.

An invigorating blend of aromatic essential oils is mixed with nurturing plant oils then combined with beautiful pink Himalayan salts. Himalayan salts are hand mined from ancient sea beds and are one of the purest salts available, known for their therapeutic mineral benefits.

This treatment helps to remove the surface layer of dulling dead skin cells, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and energised. To complete this cleansing treatment a light application of lotion is applied to skin.

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Zone Face Lift - Jane Eaton
75 Mins 90 Mins
£75 – Unique holistic wellbeing treatment with personalised skincare; includes deep cleanse, exfoliation, mask, hot towels, facial Reflexology with crystal infused Facial Elixir, pressure point foot massage with aromatic essential oils.
Course of 12 weekly treatments recommended for optimum results – £850 (Save £50) Payment made in 2 instalments of £425.
£80 – Deluxe holistic skincare. Includes neck, shoulder and head massage and reflex points to the feet with aromatic essential oils. (Option to include back massage). £225 (Save £15) – Course of 3 consecutive treatments recommended to boost the skins condition and radiance. Ideal for preparing for special occasions when you need to look your very best! (Paid in advance).

­Zone Face Lift Facial

The Zone Face Lift Facial is a unique anti-ageing treatment to Boost, Lift and Revitalise the face and neck to give a Healthy and Radiant look. This treatment is an inspiring, positive and natural way of nourishing the skin. For many, this will eliminate the need for Botox and offers a natural alternative to dermal fillers.

The Zone Face Lift combines traditional Reflexology methods and ancient healing techniques from Native American Shamans and uses pressure point massage with sacred healing herbs. This treatment’s unique spiritual quality is intensified with the use of the master healing crystal quartz to cleanse the spirit and draw in positive energy.

Specialised facial tools are used to enhance results. Facial Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese anti-ageing technique which uses Jade crystal to massage, smooth and gently scrape skin and contour facial features.

High quality natural skincare products are used in all of my face and body treatments. The award winning Zone Face Lift Crystal infused Elixir not only nourishes your skin but also ‘smudges’ and protects your energy with Native American white sage.

Amethyst crystal, the dream stone known for its meditative qualities, works on the emotional, spiritual and physical planes to promote calm, balance and peace. The vibrational energy of the crystal infuses in the blend of exquisitely scented essential oils.
This adds another layer of therapeutic benefit to your treatment.

Zone Face Lift experience refreshes you both inside and out, helping you to get back in touch with your inner youthful self. Zone Face Lift is nutrition for the soul!

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Key benefits:

  • Improves facial appearance by brightening the eyes, lifting features and enlivening the complexion to help you to look your best naturally.
  • Tightens, plumps and sculpts face, jaw and neck line.
  • Smoothes and lifts the face by removing tension and tightness.
  • Helps to release emotions from the face.
  • Reduces appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  • Stimulates blood circulation increasing oxygen and nutrients to cells.
  • Promotes good lymph drainage to remove puffiness, and stagnation.
  • Helps to decongest skin and eliminate waste.
  • A spiritually awakening facial experience to calm and uplift the mood.
  • Helps to reduces anxiety and symptoms of stress.

Simple Skincare Routine & Its Benefits

Cleanser – Natural plant based oil cleansers warmed on your fingertips will easily melt away make-up, dry skin cells, dirt and excess sebum and won’t leave your skin feeling tight. Cleansing the skin is recommended in the morning and at night time. Removing dirt and make-up at the end of the day is crucial to prevent spots and blemishes and to give the skin time to breath. As we sleep the skin rests and repairs and night time is the best time to apply nourishing concentrated serums.

Toner – A toner helps to remove excess cleansing product, tightens the pores and refreshes the skin. During summer months using a chilled toner can help to cool your face and neck. Flower waters such as Rose, Neroli and Chamomile are beautiful to provide a soft floral aroma.

Moisturiser – Following your cleanse and tone, apply a moisturiser to the skin both morning and night. Moisturising the skin helps to protect from environmental damage from pollutants in the atmosphere and from the harsh effects of the weather. Regular moisturising also ensures the skin is helped to keep soft and supple, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

Exfoliator – An exfoliator can be mechanical like a facial scrub or a natural chemical fruit acid. Both methods remove dry skin cells from the surface of the skin, chemical methods are gentle on sensitive skin types. The benefit of exfoliating once a week is to remove dullness from the skins surface and to give it a fresh looking glow. Removing dry skin also benefits the absorption of other nourishing products.

Mask – Clay masks are great for deep cleansing and helping to absorb excess oils in the skin and to remove unwanted congestion within the pores. Masks that contain oils and water based ingredients help to hydrate the skin. Many plant based ingredients contain vitamins and valuable nutrients to help the skin to calm and repair. Most people have a combination of skin types and different masks can be used on these areas. Applying a face mask once a week and after exfoliation will complement each other.

Serum – The benefit of applying a serum daily to your skin, especially in the evening, is to provide a complex mix of therapeutic ingredients to smooth out fine lines and to provide concentrated nutrition to improve its condition.