Reflexology is super treatment for deep relaxation and begins with a gentle pressure point head massage. Reflexology is an on off technique on the feet to stimulate key reflex points and to help balance body systems and relieve physical and emotional congestion.

The history of Reflexology dates back to the late 1700’s where the concept of ‘reflex action’ was introduced with reference to the motor actions of the nerves. The English physiologist Sir Henry Head charted areas associated with the spine and did considerable research and established ‘head zones’ which are the modern day dermatomes that are used in clinical practise. His work proved the neurological relationship between the skin and internal organs. Massage techniques were developed in Germany in early 1900’s, known as ‘reflex massage’. Dr William Fitzgerald 1872-1942) is credited with establishing zone therapy and discovered when pressure was applied to specific areas of the body which provided pain relief in other areas. In the 1930’s Eunice Ingham went on to develop the Reflexology treatment that is used today and her contribution led to the alternating pressure to stimulate healing,

The principle of Reflexology is based on zone therapy and reflex points mapped out on the feet, which correspond to different areas of the body. When a stimulus is applied to these points it is believed that it induces a feeling of wellbeing and can have a positive functional effect on body. This treatment concludes with a beautifully comforting foot and lower leg massage to relieve tension and put a spring in your step. Essential oils of immune boosting Tea Tree, zingy Peppermint and balancing Lavender applied to nourish weary feet.

Reflexology Treatments - Jane Eaton
60 Mins 90 Mins
£45.00 £55.00 – Includes pink Himalayan salt scrub to feet and lower legs.
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Ear Candling

A gentle, relaxing non-invasive treatment to the ears to help release congested ear wax. This is an ancient practice that has been used throughout many cultures for centuries; this evidence can be seen in pictorial records.

The Egyptians used reeds from the river Nile to not only cleanse the ear but as spiritual purification. The Hopi Native American Indian tribe in Arizona, renowned for their spiritual lifestyle used rolled waxed leaves infused with herbs as part of spiritual ceremonies.

Hollowed tubes made of cotton or linen, hardened with beeswax and fragranced with natural essential oils are gently inserted into the opening of the ear.

When lit, the candle creates a gentle massaging effect on the ear drum and a drawing action which helps to remove excess ear wax. This treatment includes a wonderfully soothing massage to face, head and neck to enhance relaxation. A full consultation will determine your suitability for this treatment.

Ear Candling Treatment - Jane Eaton
60 Mins
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