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Sacred Serenity


The intention of this sensuous holistic treatment is to bring peace and presence to your mind, body and soul. You will feel refreshed, grounded and reconnected with yourself and a sense of being whole again.


Sacred Serenity is a gentle, Ayurvedic-inspired, restorative well-being experience. Combining ancient ritual healing and modern-day complementary therapy, to return harmony and balance to a distressed mind and weary body.

Treatment begins with deep breathing and inhalation of fragrant oils to initiate relaxation. Singing bowl sounds raise vibration and intuitively chosen crystals interact with the body’s subtle energies, helping to create balance and alignment, promoting physical, emotional and spiritual healing

Ancient Indian Marma point massage reconnects the mind and body, helping to release tension and relieve any congestion to the head, face, neck, shoulders and feet.

Includes, award-winning natural skincare to cleanse and nourish skin. Hot mitts to face and feet. Ayurvedic inspired notes of Sandalwood, Anise and Cinnamon essential oils anoint you with warmth and love. Take home crystals to continue your ritual.


Jane Eaton